2 Ingredient Homemade Hand Cream

Today let’s speak about something sweet and easy – a natural homemade hand and body cream worth trying.

The great thing about the internet is that you can find heaps of different recipes on homemade skin and body care just one click away.

There are two things I look for in every recipe I come across: (1) it should require as little ingredients as possible, preferably under five; (2) it should be quick to make. And I think I have found a clear winner. 2 ingredients and 1 step? Yes, the hand cream of dreams! But enough rambling, let’s get to it.

You will need:
3/4 part raw shea butter
1/4 part coconut oil
Optional: 5-10 drops of sweet orange essential oil (or any essential oil of your choice)

All you need to do is mix all of the ingredients together in a food processor. Blend away till it turns into mousse-like texture. It really can be this easy.

I usually make 100 ml of the product and then keep it in two glass containers (50 ml each) I saved from before. One stays at the bedside table, another – in my handbag.

Why I like it?
Even though the cream leaves an oily residue on the skin, it works wonders, especially in colder months when the skin needs extra care. The smell of coconut and orange lingers for quite some time, adding therapeutic properties to the product. I also must mention that little goes a long way. However, above everything I mentioned, the most important thing is that this cream does not contain any nasty chemicals. Wonderful!

Both shea butter and coconut oil usually make a base for numerous other homemade body and skin care products. That is why owning a little bit of both will come in handy if you are considering making something else in the future.