3 Hours and 43 Minutes

I exchanged 208 pages of a book for 3 hours and 43 minutes of an audio track. That happened few months ago. It is time to reflect on the first audio book experience.

Almost three years ago I have introduced e-book reader to my life. Forming a new habit was rather easy due to situation I was in. A year of travels made it difficult to carry books around, and the only option I had (not reading was not one of them) was investing into pocket book. Now, years later, I cannot imagine how I lived before without owning one.

For quite some time I have been considering of trying yet another form of books – audio books. I would lie saying I was not skeptical about the idea, but more than that – I was curious.

I think, first audio book experience is greatly dependant on the book chosen. Before I downloaded my first audio book I knew little to nothing of what I should look into when choosing an audio book. To be quite fair, I still do not know. The only wish I had (and still have), was to pick a book that is narrated by the author.

I listened to Snow Hunters by Paul Yoon, which I found on Audible library. It was on my to-read list since its’ release and it made a perfect sense to use an opportunity to shorten the list.

My experience. At first I thought that listening to the audio book is somehow like listening to music. Well apparently it is not like that at all. At least for me. In order to not drift away from the story, I really had to concentrate. At some point I even imagined myself reading the text out loud to myself to keep my focus. It took me a little while to adjust to this kind of “reading”. Probably that is why I enjoyed second part of the book way more than the first.

What I liked. As I mentioned before, the book I have picked to listen to was narrated by the author himself. It is, in my opinion, a wonderful feature of audio books. Since I loved Yoon’s Once the Shore, I was excited to get on another level with him and his novel Snow Hunters. Listening to the book narrated by him felt like an intimate rendezvous, a nervous first date.

A few months have passed since I listened to my first audio book. I did enjoy the experience, however, I do not feel a necessity, as of now, to incorporate audio books to my daily reading rituals.