3 Things I Am Not Minimalist About

Before I sat down to write this, I asked a couple of my close friends and family what did they think are 3 things I can’t be minimalist about. Without fail, each and every one of them mentioned at least one thing that I’ll be speaking about today.

Of course, I had to ask them what did they base their answer on. Once again I was given a unanimous answer that it’s something that they know I’m passionate about.

Thing is, each of us has hobbies or things we are passionate about. And naturally, we gravitate towards the tangible things that are related to these interests. Let’s say if your hobby is photography you probably own more equipment than a regular photo taker. It’s that simple.

This being said, these are the things that are important to me. They fit well into my lifestyle and bring joy to my day to day life. Therefore, I simply can’t be minimalist about them.


I’ve always loved plants but I never had the courage to take care of one myself. However, things changed when I moved to a new place. I wanted to make it my own and so at first, I started bringing hand-picked flowers home. After some time I realized that it would be more reasonable to get plants instead. And so, in a span of a couple of months, I visited numerous stores and picked up quite a few plants for our home.

Now, how do I explain this? I feel like plants have transformed our living space. It finally has the liveliness it was lacking and I must say I feel happier. I take the challenge of figuring out how to take care of certain plant with great pleasure and I’m planning on getting even more plant babies in the nearest future.


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that books are one of the things I simply can’t be minimalist about. Reading is an important part of my everyday life. It helps me relax, it inspires and motivates me.

I purchase books every now and then and I couldn’t be happier about it. There’s something extremely different about the reading experience when you get to hold the book in your arms. I’m happy to be able to pick up and open the book, turn pages and close it once I’m done. It’s all part of the reading ritual that I cherish dearly.

Of course, I don’t buy every book I want to read. I’m still a regular library visitor and pocketbook user. However, if I come upon a book that I’ve always wanted to get my hands on, I buy it. And so my library is growing slowly.


Makeup is a weakness of mine I feel I need to control the most. If I can get away with purchasing books and plants, I usually don’t have an alibi for buying more makeup.

Luckily, over the years I’ve learned that I don’t really need that many products to get the look I’m always going for. But even knowing that doesn’t mean my interest in makeup gets any lower.

I’m one of those girls in the makeup stores that roam around the isles packing ups swatches of different products on her wrist. Of course, I’m trying to be reasonable about my purchases, but at the same time, I know how much I enjoy trying out new products and fitting them into my routine.

I think it’s important to remember that minimalism isn’t about restraining yourself or trying to own less. It’s about having clear priorities in your life and being intentional about what you own.

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