7 Habits for Tidy Home

My home is my temple.

Home for me is a place of comfort and tranquility. And it goes without saying that I like it neat.

Creating tidy home habits is important yet not that easy. Over the years of living alone, and now sharing a living space with loved one, I’ve finally found my ways to keep home tidy almost effortlessly. And today I am sharings habits that can help you keep your home tidy, as it helps me.

1. Have fewer items on the counters

Picture frames, candles, statues, magazines, and books. All these items give character to your living space but they also make it appear more cluttered. For that reason, I prefer having fewer items on a display. Doing that also makes weekly house chores, such as dusting, a lot quicker.

If having certain items within a reach of a hand is more convenient, I group them together and put them in trays or baskets. For example, instead of lining up my shower products on the bath panel, I put all of them in the basket and place it one corner. Not only the bathroom instantly looks neater, but chances to drop something while showering or taking a bath decreases too!

2. Clean as you go

I’m probably not the only one who doesn’t mind cooking but cannot stand the aftermath of the process – a messy kitchen.

Over the years I’ve learned that the best way to keep your kitchen neat is to clean as you cook. Instead of catching up with social media news while waiting for the broth to start boiling, I clean the counter tops and cutlery I used to cut the ingredients that are now in the pot. I also put away any other items that will not be needed anymore. By the time I have to eat, I usually have everything clean and the only things that need washing are plates I used to feats from.

3. Follow fifteen-minute rule

Every evening before going to sleep, I spend fifteen to twenty minutes quickly tidying up my living space. Whether it means to put clothes in the laundry basket, washing dishes or putting things where they belong.

Doing that helps to prevent things from piling up and making a mess by the end of the week. From my experience, fifteen minutes is enough and in fact, makes a great difference when it comes to keeping the place as neat as possible, especially if someone you live with takes part in this ritual too.

4. Commit to daily maintenance

Once in a week, I have a major cleaning day. It’s a time when I go through every corner of my apartment. To keep this cleaning day less painful, I have weekly chores that help me keep the place tidy throughout the week.

Dusting, watering plants or vacuuming the floor, all of these jobs take just a few minutes if you do them one at the time. And when spread throughout the week, it definitely feels less of a work. Naturally, when the cleaning day comes, I only have to touch up.

5. Put things back where they belong

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise. I try to put every item I picked up back where it belongs right after I get the use from it. Let’s say I do my makeup in the morning, and take out my brushes and other products that I’ll be using. Once I’m done, I immediately put all the items back in a drawer where I keep them.

Ideally, put things back where they belong as you go around the home. That way you will not have to take extra time out of your day and dedicate it for tidying up the place.

6. Don’t leave it for another time

If there’s something small that needs to be done and it would take you only a couple of minutes, do it! The sooner you get it out of your way, the less you will have to do later.

If there are bills and newspapers piled up on the table – sort them out. If you finished your morning coffee, wash the cup and get on with your day.

7. Declutter and organize every once in a while

No matter how much I try to keep my drawers and cupboards tidy, they do get messy with time. That’s why I occasionally declutter and organize them.  Taking the time to do that can drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to clean too.

I try to declutter and organize my high traffic areas at least couple of times a month. It means, going through my wardrobe, kitchen cupboards, makeup drawer, and bathroom. Decluttering also allows to me to know exactly what I own, use and don’t use.


I get it, not everyone is bothered by the pile of dirty dishes, a chairdrobe or cluttered counters. But if you are anything like me, you will understand that a tidy living space can help to put one’s mind at ease. And that’s exactly how I prefer feeling at home.