Autumn Wishing

Autumn has always meant new beginnings to me. However, instead of making resolutions as people tend to do on the first of January, I am making a list of wishes. So here I am,making some notes for myself of the things I should get done or at least try this season.

TASTE IT – golden milk

As evenings are getting colder I catch myself craving for milky teas. I have successfully got over my chai phase and now am ready to try something new. I have learned about turmeric milk tea over a year ago, but I have never given it a chance. I think the time has come.

EXPERIENCE IT – picnic on the beach

The summer went by so fast and as September is approaching I am making big plans for Indian summer. A calm and cosy picnic on the beach with friends, snacks and some acoustic guitars and singing would be a perfect compensation for the lack of sunshine this summer, or holidays in general.

READ IT – Bird by Bird

At the beginning of the year I’ve seen Bird by Bird making an appearance on few bookstagram accounts I follow. I kept putting away this read for the longest time due to some university work and other books which were on top of my 2016 TBR list.

WEAR IT – winged eye + rose quartz anything

Is there any better season to wear winged eyeliner than autumn? I do like the look on myself yet during warmer seasons I cannot be bothered to spend extra time on perfecting the wings when I know its gonna fade with no time once I step outside. But now I have no excuses left!
Rose quartz pink is another things I want to incorporate in my life. I do not like the color on myself, however I am contemplating on getting some homewear in that shade or similar.

TRY IT – meditation

My first encounter with meditation took place in South Korea where I was attending Temple Stay. At that time to my great disappointed we were made to attend 1,5 hours long meditation. I must admit time did not go fast then, but as I left the meditation room I caught myself thinking I would love to do it again and yet I never did.

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