Comforting Productivity Rituals

I can not empathise enough how important daily or weekly rituals are for me. They keep me sane in times when thoughts and ideas are flowing in the speed of the light.

Being productive is a task itself.  The good thing is that tasks are out there to be completed. Yes, it might be difficult at times to stop procrastinating and direct yourself at the goal you have set. Therefore I choose to create rituals that help me improve my productivity.

Changing my working environment. Oldie but goodie. Working from home is great, but it is no great surprise we tend do get lost in the depths of internet when not supervised. Even before launching BLANC AFFAIR I have decided to get out of home at least once a week in order to change my working environment. I love writing sitting on my bed, but sometimes I get too comfy. Spending a good hour or two in cafe or public library significantly increases my productivity.

Concentrating on one and one task only. I love a good to-do list, but let me be crystal clear here, I write down far too many tasks for the day that I can actually manage to get done. And then I get frustrated. Usually, before heading out of home I pick one task that I must complete in that single outing.

Making my own creativity mantra. It varies on the task(s) I have set for myself that day. I mostly struggle with self acceptance or being imperfect self, so usually I repeat “I embrace what I know, I accept what I don’t, I am willing to learn”.

Thanking myself. “Good job today, you” – yes, I speak to myself. I think it is important to find time to acknowledge and appreciate the effort you make while trying achieve goals set. Be kind to yourself.

The combination of these 4 have been working wonders for me recently and not only when it comes to BLANC AFFAIRs. Productivity – check! Ritual – check!