Compliments to Autumn

The lack of sunshine these days greatly affects my mood and productivity. And since I cannot change the weather, I am trying to concentrate on the goods of the season instead. That is why today I am sharing a couple of things I enjoy in Autumn more than in any other season.

PICTURESQUE WALKS – before tress shed their last leaves, the whole country is drowning in colours. Even the least outstanding streets become golden alleys and I cannot help but smile – what a wonderful time of the year!

READING – chilly autumn weather becomes yet another excuse to stay home and read. What can be more comforting than cuddling up in a blanket and reading your favourite piece of writing when its raining cats and dogs outside? My current book of choice is A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf.

HOT DRINKS – coffee or tea, or any hot drink really tastes way better in the colder months of the year. Not even mentioning the grand comeback of hot wine!

STYLE – yes to layering! Autumnal fashion makes me feel the most confident style wise. Each year I cannot wait to pull out my turtlenecks, coats, cozy scarfs and boots and go outdoors feeling one hundred.

AROMATHERAPY – essential oils are one of the things I could never have enough of (but I will not try to prove it). I mostly use them for aromatherapy purposes. And for some unclear reason my interest in essential oils use reaches the peek at Autumn time. Taking essential oils infused bath or colouring the living space with beautiful scents – I am all about that. At the moment I am religiously using a mixture of essential oils from You & Oil Ki.

Now that I have complimented Autumn, can we get some sunshine, please?