Dreaming Linen Bedding

Let’s talk about bed sheets. Well, to be more precise, linen bed sheets!

We spend 5 to 8 hours between the sheets every day and that is a lot of time. By now most of us are aware how important is the quality of our sleep. But have you ever thought that the choice of bed sheets can also have an impact on how well we rest during those 5-8 hours? Well, apparently sinking into fresh and clean bed with the right bedding can make a great difference to getting a good night’s sleep. I knew it!

When it comes to purchases for home I’m one of those people who take their time to find that one ideal item. I’m especially picky with bed sheets which I want to be both practical and beautiful to look at (and roll in!) As I was browsing through different online stores looking for a perfect set of sheets, I came across linen bedding. I’ve never thought of owning one before, but the idea has caught my attention and I decided to do my research.

Linen is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. Its properties first have been discovered by ancient civilizations. However, the presence of linen truly flourished in Ancient Egyp, where amongst numerous different uses, this fabric has been used in the process of mummification. During different periods of the history, linen remained popular and has always been considered as a luxury fabric.

If you’ve ever looked into linen bedding prices, you probably know it is not cheap. But you have to pay the price for the quality you are getting. Here is why I am considering getting linen bedding and why you should too:

  • It is breathable. Due to its high air permeability and heat conductivity properties, linens sheets keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer.
  • It is antibacterial. Linen has the ability to suppress various bacteria, micro flora, and even fungi.
  • It is environment-friendly.  Linen is fully biodegradable. It is also a renewable resource and needs no irrigation.
  • It will last long. Linen is a strong fabric and is twice durable as cotton, so consider linen bedding as an investment.
  • It looks stunning. Unlike most materials, linen sheets look as stunning when ironed as creased.
  • It has luxury touch. Who doesn’t like to feel like a queen or a king in a bed?

After conducting a research about linen and its characteristics I dove back into the search for the best set of linen bedding.

Linen Tales has been on my radar for as long as I can remember. I’ve stopped by their local shops in Vilnius on numerous occasions before, and have been browsed through their Etsy store quite often recently.

As  Linen Tales say: “A luxurious, naturally breathable linen is timeless to work in any bedroom. Beautiful linen sheets provide year-round comfort, elegance, and simplicity.”

Cultiver has gorgeous options too. From sheets to pillow cases, duvet and throws everyone will be able to find a piece that suits their taste. They also have a jaw-dropping Instagram account that pretty much sums up how up my dream bedroom would look like.

Last but not least, my most recent discovery and obsession – Lenok Linen. I’m especially in love with their sets with ruffles. And even though it wouldn’t be the best fit for my bedroom, let me dream a little.

I haven’t decided when exactly I am getting my first linen bedding set, but it certainly is happening sooner or later. And till then, I will continuously browse through different stores looking for the ideal set of sheets. Have you found yours?

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