2 Ingredient Homemade Dry Shampoo

DIY Dry Shampoo

Over the years I’ve tried quite a few dry shampoos. Some of them worked better than others, but to be frank, none of them delivered what was promised.

Dry shampoo is meant to absorb excess oil on your scalp to leave you feeling and looking fresh. However, judging from my personal experience, commercial dry shampoos work only for a first few hours only. And most importantly, it often leaves my scalp feeling dry and sensitive, which worried me.

I started researching common ingredients found in dry shampoos. It came as no surprise that most of them contain nasty chemicals such as alcohol detent, talc, and others. No wonder my scalp wasn’t liking that. Naturally came the next step – looking for less toxic alternatives to dry shampoos.

By now you probably know how much I enjoy making my own products at home. So it didn’t take me look to stumble up a number of homemade dry shampoo recipes. From a bunch I found online, I’ve tried a few and found my favorite one.

To be honest, this recipe is fairly new to my list of DIY skin and body care products but it fastly became one of my favorites. It’s easy to make and it costs you barely anything in comparison how long it lasts. Not to mention, it’s travel-friendly.

You will need:
2/3 part arrowroot powder
1/3 part cocoa powder
Optional: 5-7 drops of essential oil of choice

Combine dry ingredients together and then sift it. Doing this will help the ingredients mix together better and the powder itself will be more even.

Depending on your hair color add more or less of cocoa powder. If you are blonde like me, it would be enough using just arrowroot. However, I like adding a little bit of cocoa powder anyway to avoid too powdery look.Since this is a powdery product, it might appear a little till it observes.

When it comes to adding essential oils, I like lavender for its soothing properties and rosemary which helps stimulate hair growth. Both of these essential oils have a strong scent, therefore I prefer using one at a time.

Why arrowroot?
Arrowroot powder is light, soft and absorbent. Needless to say, it works well controlling the oils on your scalp. You can read more about arrowroot benefits and different uses here.

You can keep this dry shampoo either in glass salt shaker to apply it directly onto the scalp, or in a simple glass jar and apply using old (but clean) makeup brush. I find the latter method more convenient, as you have a better control of how much powder you are applying.

One last thing. A little of this dry shampoo goes a long way. So, if you decide to give this recipe ago, I’d recommend making it in smaller amounts. This way you’ll get to use fresh product each time.

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