Farewell To Summer

Last weekend I was blessed with an opportunity to spend some time by the seaside with my significant other. We were lucky enough to witness probably one of the last summer sunshines this year and we made sure to make the most out of it.

As I mentioned in my previous post, having a picnic on the beach has been a wish of mines for quite some time now. I enjoy spending time by the seaside at any time of the year really, and the more time I get to spend there the better.

Saturday morning sunshine was promising a beautiful day. That is why, after having breakfast, without any hesitation we got our bikes ready, stuffed our backpacks with loads of deliciousness and took off to the beach. Riding up and down the hills in a dress was not the easiest task for me, but what followed next was totally worth it.


Finding a perfect spot for the picnic was not at all difficult since we chose to go on more abandoned part of the beach. It took us a little pedaling alongside the sea to get away from people, but in the end we were able to make ourselves comfortable: blankets, candles and our favourite snacks. Oh how little does one need.

Taking an extra effort payed off. We probably had one the cosiest afternoons chatting and daydreaming about things that are yet to come in our future lives.


As we were sitting there saying our farewells to summer, I couldn’t feel more grateful for being alive (cheesy talk alert). Yes, the last couple of months have been stressful. Yes, things do not always go as I wish. And yes, thank the universe, I am alive to experience all this in order to learn how to appreciate what I have instead of concentrating on what I do not.