Free By Choice

“The choice is always mine” – is my new mantra which I try to stick to on daily basis.

All of us have responsibilities we have to carry out in order to have a roof over our heads. Sometimes it means we have to do things we do not particularly like and that’s alright. What is important though, is how we choose to react to situation we cannot change (as for now).

Quite recently I have had to make a decision considering my future. As a recent university graduate I am looking for job abroad in non-english speaking country which makes the hunt more complicated than I thought in a first place.

It is frustrating not to receive a call for an interview or get rejected by the email. And sometimes I do get sad and anxious about it which is normal. Nevertheless, I consider this time of waiting as a chance to give more space for myself; do things I enjoy or try things I have always wanted to try.

And here I am, after years of self-doubt I am writing a post on a blog, my blog. Maybe, if not the struggles I am facing right now, I wouldn’t have started BLANC AFFAIR.

In the end no matter what happens, I chose how to react to certain things, I chose what defines my state of mind and happiness. I choose freedom.