Greenterior Loving

Recently I am having this unexplainable urge to spend more time in the wilderness. Anything would do, walk on the abandoned beach, mushrooming, hiking on unknown trails…

As a kid who grew up in the city I have never felt sentimental about being outdoors. By no means am I saying I do not like being in nature. I truly loved and used to look forward to spending summer vacation by the lakes in the country.

However, this time is different. I have this urge to bond with nature. Unfortunately, due to five days a week job and constant moving between different cities I simply do now have a luxury to do so. And as surprising as it is for me, I am here to announce, I am tired of the city.

While I am waiting for the next chance to get away in the nature, I am trying to find a way how to incorporate more greenery into my living space. A great source of inspiration, surprise surprise, are greenteriors.

gt5Greenterior (interior in combination with plants) is one of the newest interests of mine which blossomed with a discovery of the book Greenterior: Plant Loving Creatives and Their Homes. I do not own a copy, though I think it will not stay this way for too long. I could spend hours going through pages and pages of interiors filled with plants, ther-a-peu-tic.

gt3  There is something magical about plants in the living spaces that make everything feel more balanced. And now, more often than ever before, I am seriously considering on adding some greenery to my living surroundings. While I am doing my research on the plants I would like to have in my apartment, I am trying to satisfy myself with hand picked flowers instead.


More greenery please!

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