Homeware Lush List

homeware lush list

Homeware bits are some of the things I could spend hours looking at and would never get bored of. Ever.

I don’t necessarily purchase everything I want but I always keep my lush list close to myself. Today I’m sharing my current homeware obsessions that can’t leave my mind.

Amber glass bottles.  Amber glass bottles seem to be rather popular at the moment. And I must say, I fancy owning a few too because I think they would make great single flower vases. However, these apothecary type of bottles are rather expensive at homeware stores. Instead of roaming the shops, I think I’ll visit flea markets more frequently or try to upcycle similar type of bottles myself.

Round mirror. Recently, I’ve been seeing round mirrors on quite a few interior design blogs. I have never fancied purchasing a wall mirror before, but I could make an exception for a round mirror with thin frames. It looks so elegant!

Fig tree. My obsession with plants is real. I can no longer pass by a plant store without sneaking in. And I always find a plant I want to give a home. I spend almost as much time looking at plants online, taking a list of ones I’d like to own and picturing them filling my living space with life. Amongst a number of plants on my list, fiddle leaf fig must be on the top three. Why did I choose to mention fig? Well, the idea of growing a tree indoors simply fascinates me. And to be fair, to have a tiny jungle at home I need a tree (or few).

Plant pot. Yet another plant related wish. Recently, I’m torn between liking very simple plant pots and more interesting, extravagant if you let me call it, ones. But I think I’ve finally found something that is both simple and different – spiky planter on legs!

Wooden bowls. For what seems the longest time, I’ve been thinking about getting a few new plates or utensils for our kitchen.  I get tired of colorful patterns rather quickly, so I had to look for other ways that could bring some change. And then it came to me – wooden bowls! I’ve always wanted to own a set and it couldn’t be a better time than now to finally purchase them.

What are your recent homeware obsessions?