Knowing What I Want

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Back to business now. I often get accused of being picky. Apparently, in modern society’s vocabulary “picky” is not a particularly good word to be described of. And that is something I was never able to understand.

Following up my post from last week, in which I shared my thoughts on consumer culture, today I want to speak about a “struggle” of knowing what you want.

See, not being able to make a decision is bad (women get accused of it often, while men get mocked by being compared to a woman in this kind of situation), and knowing exactly what you want sometimes is perceived as stubborn.

I am very particular when it comes to shopping. Little things matter. For example, my notebooks have to have blank pages, and their covers better me soft and black, or any other dark color close to black. I will only write in my notebooks with black gel pen with extra thin tip. The same goes when shopping for clothes, homeware or food.

People I know think that knowing what you want makes shopping more difficult. Meaning it is difficult to find and item that matches your ideal image, which can lead to frustration. I would disagree. Knowing what you want makes shopping so much easier. You, either way, find the item you want and buy it, or you don’t even bother thinking “it might do the job”. It also saves a lot of time.

I would lie If I said I know what I want all the time. I am rather flexible when it comes to daily situations. However, when it comes to my personal space, relationships and career, things become more self centred and it does not necessary mean a bad thing. Let me explain.

Throughout years of our lives we encounter a lot of people. Some of them are important in position, others are strangers we have conversation with on a public transport. It is normal we speak and behave around different people differently. We tend to suppress ourselves more or less depending on how influential is the person we are in contact with. However, there is one thing we should not forget – be ourselves.

Learn to listen to others and admit your wrongs, but do not forget to stand for your beliefs too. That is what makes you, you. It is true, people who stand up for themselves, tend be liked less by others, but at the end of the day, you cannot be liked by everyone. By the end of the day, knowing what you want and simply being yourself will reward you with real friends and deserved recognition of your achievements.

So go ahead, be so called picky. It is your life to live anyway.