Minimal Mondays. Christmas Fever

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, when people concentrate more on giving, rather than receiving. On the other hand, Christmas is one of the most consumption-driven holidays.

It is so easy to get carried away with Christmas shopping when all the commercials and gift guides try to catch our attention and make us purchase yet another item, and nobody is blaming you.

How to not go overboard with Christmas presents:
(1) Ask what people want or need. There must be something they have always dreamed of getting, but kept putting the purchase away. It does not necessary have to be something big. Maybe there is a book they have always wanted to read, or a pair of shoes they have never had a time to buy. That is your chance! Gifting something that is well wanted or needed is euphoric.

(2) Gifting a quality item is far better than getting useless bits. Having a lot of presents under the Christmas tree might look exciting, but in most cases they are just nicely wrapped bits that serve little to no purpose to the owner. I must agree, purchasing smaller goods in couple of separate runs might seem cheaper (especially if you are on the budged), but if you would count all the spendings made preparing a set of gifts, it probably would comes to great amount of money that could of been spent more wisely.

(3) Do not encourage wasting with your presents. If your friends or family did not express their wishes and you still have no idea what to them them – go for food. Who doesn’t like food? Prepare a bag of unusual snacks for your group of friends, or a basket with wine and selection of cheese that goes with it for your parents. Maybe there is coffee-obsessed work college you have got? Get an interesting blend of coffee beans for him or her.

(4) Goods get worn out, food – eaten, but one shall never forget the experience lived. Another wonderful way to surprise your beloved ones is by giving them a chance to experience something. From theatre, to spa and bungee jumping, there numerous activities to choose from.

Big or small, all presents are appreciated as long as they are given with genuine care and thought. By the end of the day, giving is the best present one can get.