Minimal Mondays. Makeup

Becoming a beauty products hoarder is easy. Every season we are introduced to new collections of lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes, that vary in shades and textures. We are convinced we need them, so we purchase them, use them a couple of times and then forget about them. It have happened to me and I am sure I am not the only one here.

A few weeks back I wrote about minimal and mindful skincare. Today, staying on the same note, lets speak about makeup.

Like in most cases, sticking to bare minimum means (1) clearing out what you already own and (2) being more conscious of your future purchases. Getting rid of the make up items you own might not be easy, but, trust me, keeping yourself from cluttering your makeup collection yet again is far more complicated.

About my makeup collection
I prefer owning fewer items that work for me, than having a number that “do the job”. The reason behind it is simple – I only wear day time make up which allows me so stick to essentials only.

However, it is a whole different story when it comes to lipstick which is a great weakness of mine. I could count all the makeup items I own on my both hands, and lipsticks would make exactly half of my whole collection. I wear lipstick everyday without a fail. I simply feel more put together when I wear it. That is being the reason why I allow myself to have options.

How to declutter your makeup collection?
(1) Every makeup item has an expiration date. Make sure you check it. Out of date – out of the collection. Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the makeup products go bad within a few months after opening them. According to a number of sources, the following make up items should be used up in:

Foundation: 6 months to a year;
Mascara: 3 months;
Eyeliner: 6 months to a year;
Blush, eye shadow, and other powder cosmetics: 1-2 years;
Lipstick: 2 years

after opening them.

(2) By this time you probably know what shades and textures of certain makeup products suits you the best. Get rid of the rest, it is very unlikely you will wear something that does not flatter you.

(3) There must be certain products you use on daily basis – keep them closer to you. However, there must be products that you kind of like, yet barely ever get use of. Put them away in a separate bag and give 7 to 14 days trial. If after those days you did not catch yourself going back to the bag – it is clear you do not really need what is inside of it.

(4) Once again, be selective of what you are purchasing. I never wear eyes shadow. I don’t think it suits me and I have no patience applying it. And still, I often find myself swatching different eye shadow palettes at the makeup store, seriously considering “maybe this time I will wear it”. Let me tell you – I will not. I have learned this lesson the hard way far too many times by now.

The goal of decluttering your make up collection is not about diminishing the number of products you own. See, there is no number estimated which indicates whether you own too little or too much. It is all about you being mindful of what you really use and need.