Minimal Mondays. Skincare

I grew up with my mom constantly repeating “it is not about products you use, it about the lifestyle you lead”. Now, years later, I understand where she is coming from with these words. There is no such thing as magical face cream unfortunately.

Skincare has always been and probably will be great topic of discussion. By now, most of us already are familiar with the fact that our skin condition depends on few more things than just products we use. Our genetics and lifestyle we lead are crucial factors that affect our skin.

And so, why we still spend loads of money on so-called miracle products?

I think we all are guilty of sometimes getting carried away with all the commercials we see on the TV and billboards. I would lie if I said I have never considered buying an expensive eye cream or anti-agin serum.

We shall not forget that beauty industry is yet another industry that is not only willing to provide us products that may help us in one way or another, but it is also a business that aims to sell. According to one of the articles from Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine, “the global skin care industry is estimated to reach $121 billion in 2016. And by 2018, the U.S. skin care market will reach nearly $11 billion.”

The commercial side of the beauty industry is simple: more and more products are being created in order to gain bigger revenues. In a meantime, we are being convinced we need day and night creams, 3 types of serums, toners and cleansers, not forgetting the masks and exfoliators  to stay looking young and fresh.

About my skincare.
My weekly skincare routine consists of 4 steps: cleansing, moisturising, protecting and repairing.

I do not have perfect looking skin, however, I have noticed my skin is looking way better when I am exercising regularly, eating nourishing foods and drinking a lot of water.

How to minimise skincare products in your routine?
(1) I would suggest starting with checking expiration dates of every single skin care product you own. Expired – out, about to expire – use up.

(2) No one else but you knows, which products you actually use to take care of your skin. If there are any products that irritated your face or left you feeling uncomfortable in any kind of way – it is a great sign for you to stop using them.

(3) Maintenance. Be more selective. Just because some beauty guru on Youtube is telling you should get a certain product it does not mean you need it. Same goes when encountering ads in magazines or watching commercials on TV.

All of us want that healthy looking skin. However, on our way there lets not forget to be mindful about what we consume and why we consume it. Instead of purchasing a new item, lets try to improve our eating habits, our lifestyle in general.