Minimal Mondays. Workspace

Not too long ago I came across an article with the headline “It’s been proven. Clutter is a bummer – literally.” I could not agree more, and as I was typing this Minimal Mondays post I could not help but grin – I am not the only one thinking neat is better.

This Monday lets speak about a place where we spend quite a lot of time on daily basis – workspace.

What is a workspace?

Workspace is a place where one needs to process information and be able to focus in order to achieve certain goals. I find that physical clutter negatively affects my productivity, that is why I prefer my workspace neat. Always.

Doesn’t matter you study, work from home or in the office, workspace is a place where you spend at least couple of hours a day. So why sabotage your productivity when you can improve it?

How to declutter your workspace?

(1) Start by getting rid of all the items that are not related to the work you are doing.  It’s just normal to have table full of files and pens or even unrelated items such as hand cream or magazines. Take your time to distinguish which items are come in handy when doing the job you are doing. Get rid of the rest. You do not necessarily need to throw those items away. If they are too precious in any kind of way, find them a better place in which they could serve a better purpose.

(2) Then, look closer into what you have got left. In most cases we do not even use all the items we have, we just think they might be helpful in the process. Do you really need 5 different highlighters? Do you ever use those sticky notes? What about the newsletter from last week? Each time the answer is “no”, you already know what to do next.

(3) Maintenance is another thing to take in consideration while trying to keep your workspace neat. If by the end of the day your work table is all messy, tidy it up. Put the papers in the files they belong, books to the shelves they were taken from, wash that cup of coffee from the morning. Taking extra 5 minutes to tidy up will help have a fresh start the following day.

What does my workspace look like?

I do not have a fixed workspace which is, in my opinion, good. I have to stick to bare minimum every time I decide to sit down and work. It is usually just myself, computer and notebook with a pen anywhere really.

Decluttering your workspace is one of the few things you can do in order to improve your productivity. Depending on the type of work you do, you may need one or few items more and that’s alright. What is important though, is being aware of the items and their served purpose.