Multiple Interests | Watercolor

How I fell in love with watercolor painting.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been words girl, enjoying reading and creative writing. I’ve never painted, drew or even doodled. In fact, I thought visualizing things was not for me. Until recently.

I believe my interest in watercolors blossomed a couple of months back when I stumbled upon Fran Meneses Youtube channel. By now I probably have watched all of her videos at least twice. There’s something therapeutic about the ways she talks, and when I’m watching her paint I feel like I’m under the spell.

As someone who has never had a vast interested in painting, I felt like I’ve entered a different world. All of a sudden colors became three dimensional. And an ability to portray everyday things on a piece of paper blew my mind.

Through Fran I discovered other creatives on Youtube and I watched their videos, one by one, with a great pleasure too. And in a few weeks time, I started educating myself by consuming an enormous number of documentaries on different artists from Claude Monet, Frida Kahlo to Van Gogh and others.

I even purchased my first art book about Pre-Raphialites after watching a documentary about them. It lays on my bed side table and soon it will have broken spine from me going through it almost every evening.

And then one evening I asked myself, why wouldn’t I just give painting a go? Not expecting anything from myself I accepted the idea of challenging my patience and skills in watercolors.

Naturally, in order to start painting, I had to get some art supplies. I decided to test my dedication to new interest first by using not so professional watercolor palette (found at local grocery store for 1,93€ ) and drawing paper (definitely not suitable for watercolors as I’ve learned later).

I took my newly bought art supplies with me the same weekend to a camping site where myself and significant other were spending a couple of days detaching ourselves from the daily worries. That weekend I painted with watercolors first time since middle school (that was almost 7 years ago). And I absolutely loved it.

Ever since then, I continued painting little things I found around home on daily basis. And the more I painted the more questions I had. I started watching different tutorials and looking for online courses that would teach me the basics.

For the most part, I was (and still am) painting different flora. I’m consumed by the idea of recreating different plants on the paper and in the nearest future, I will be paying a visit to a library to study flora in greater detail. Who would have thought?

As I was painting more and more, I decided that it’s time to step up my game by investing in better quality watercolor palette and paper. As you can I guess I once again was confronted with questions. Which palette to buy? What does 200GSM, written on watercolor paper pad even mean? Not to mention the questions about the brushes.

It’s hard to say how many videos I’ve watched in which different watercolor palettes, brushes, and paper were reviewed. After doing my research I’ve made my decision and purchased Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Sketch Pocket Box. And of course, watercolor paper!

I haven’t regretted my decisions even for a second. Even though I know little to nothing about watercolors, I could feel a great difference in painting experience as I switched from the cheap palette to Winsor & Newton one. And of course, the watercolor paper makes a big difference too.

My growing interest in watercolors also took me outdoors. To the museums. In the last couple of weeks I visited more museums than I’ve visited in the whole year of 2016. Moreover, I started noticing things around me in greater detail, taking notes whenever I can in a belief that it will help me improve my drawing and painting skills.

I’m not quite sure how long my interest in watercolor painting will last. But as for now, I feel passionate about acquiring new skills. Most importantly, I’m happy I gave watercolors a go.

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* Multiple Interest will hopefully become a series of blog posts in which I discuss my current interests in different things.

** A fig I painted that looks more like red onion is a copy of the image I’ve found on Pinterest.