Taking a Time Off

Sweet escape to the tropics under the roof.

With time I grow to appreciate, and more importantly, get better at taking a time off. Brushing all the worries aside just for a moment helps to reconnect with yourself and eventually come back on track with more energy.

Time off for me means two things: (1) as little interaction with digital world as possible, (2) more time to nurture relationships with people around you.

Working in digital marketing, I get to see both sides of the coin as I create content by day, and consume it by night. And even though I truly enjoy what I am doing, things can get overwhelming at times. If I catch myself feeling uneasy or demotivated, I take it as an internal call for a little break.

Digital world is engaging and stimulating, at times even too much. With some much information flowing our way it sometimes can get difficult to keep sane, especially when you are trying to put a filter on the information you choose to consume. Once it becomes difficult to make a judgment on a certain piece of information, it is a sign you need to break the circle and disconnect. That is when I hit that “sign out” button, put my phone in the furthest corner of the room, and start coming back to the world of tangible experiences.

Staying away from social media, news platforms and television helps to bring your attention back to what is happening around you. Then follows a realization that in fact, the world does not stop if you miss a few news reports and answer emails later.

We all are guilty of getting carried away with all the work on our hands, we simply forget there far more important things in our lives. It goes without mention that giving yourself time to take care of your body is something each of us should do on daily basis.

What matters no less is nurturing your relationship with a life partner, family, and friends. No matter how hard you work, or what is happening in the world, these people and your relationship with them are what keeps you going, so don’t abandon or take them for granted…

A few weeks back I was in a great need of taking a time off. Friday after work I’ve spent reading Americanah first in the bubble bath and then in the bed. On Saturday morning I’ve paid a visit to National Botanic Garden in Salaspils with my significant other.

I haven’t seen so much greenery in one place for a long time, it was truly breathtaking. I could not and still cannot get my head around how being surrounded by all of the plants helped put my mind at ease.

I didn’t want to leave. For a moment my mind was shadowed by the regret of not taking a book with me, but it went away shortly after we sat down for a light conversation. Even though nothing spectacular has been said or discussed, it was a delightful experience, as I was able to mindfully engage in the conversation without being interrupted by foreign thoughts.

Then I understood. Taking a time off for me means being present.