My Top 5 Natural Skin Care Picks

Yes, natural skin care! Since I keep rambling about it, I thought it is finally the time to share my favorites.

Rosehip seed oil
After learning more about beauty industry and practicing a new habit of reading ingredients of the skin care I use, I stopped buying face moisturizers over a half year ago. Since I cannot be bothered (as of now) to make my own harsh chemicals free moisturizer, I have decided to use pure oils instead. I used quite a few different ones, but the recent discovery of rosehip seed oil is my favorite so far.

Rosehip seed oil benefits (source):

  • helps stimulate collagen production (anti-aging property);
  • reduces appearance of scars, burns and stretch marks;
  • helps treat infections and boost the immune system;
  • great for eczema;
  • evens skin tone.

It is a dry oil which mean it absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave oily residue. I am using organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil. The smell of the product can be off-putting at first. However, it is easy to get used to, and it doesn’t linger on the skin.

Tea tree essential oil
This must be the very first essential oil I have incorporated into my skincare routine. Thanks to its powerful antiseptic properties it is perfect for acne-prone skin.

There are numerous ways how to use tea tree oil. I like to use it as a spot treatment. I also mix a couple of drops of it in my moisturizer, toner or facemask when I feel I might break out.

Like all essential oils, tea tree oil when used carelessly can cause irritations, especially to sensitive skin. That is why I would advice using it mindfully, better less than more.

Lavender hydrosol
Hydrosols are distilled plant waters. Differently from essential oils, hydrosols are less concentrated, therefore, they smell milder too.

Hydrosols help to refresh, tone and hydrate the skin. They usually are used in a making of skin and hair care products, however, I like to use them on their own. At the moment I am using lavender water, but I also enjoy rose one too. I love the refreshing feeling hydrosol gives, not to mention the aromatherapy properties it has.

Almond pure-castile liquid soap
Castile soap is vegetable oil based soap that does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is an incredibly versatile product that can be used in numerous ways, from skin, hair care to housekeeping.

Dr. Bronner’s is probably the most popular castile soap brand out there. At the moment I am using their almond pure-castle soap as a base for my homemade face wash. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling tense and definitely does the job of removing the remaining makeup from the first cleanse.

After using this soap for a while now, I must mention that almond scented soap was not the best choice I have made. At the first sniff I really liked the sweetness of it, however, marzipan or amaretto like scent became unpleasant in few days time. That is why next time I will get a bottle of unscented soap instead. Other than that – wonderful product!

Aloe vera gelly
I first started using aloe vera couple of years back when I had to help my sunburnt skin. It did a wonderful job calming and healing it. Little did I know it does way more than that!

As I was doing my research on homemade skin care products, aloe vera made a proud appearance in quite a  few recipes.

Now use 99% aloe vera gelly to calm my skin when it is irritated or is left with little scarring after my spots are cleared out. I also make face wash and mask with it. It is a very pleasant product to use and has no scent.

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